The Action Time – Versus the World – Review

The Action Time

Versus the World (Southern)
by Scott Hefflon

Part fuzzed-out Mod psychedelia (think Austin Powers’ shag pad: slow sway dance countered by “Oh behave!” nyah-nyah), part reverb-drench psycho rock/r&b (think Stooges with a ’50s beehive girl band as back-up, but they keep giving you the finger every time you look away), The Action Time are many things, and not a one of them predictable.

As a fan of Murder City Devils (stagger rock with a “vintage”/annoying keyboard sound tying it all together) and various Swede Rock and stuff licensed to SubPop in the US (rarely from the US, dig?), this is a good addition to the new school of rock taking it back from the majors and rock radio salesmen by studying the lessons of the past and letting it course through their bodies like high voltage electricity. These Brits are great to smoke languidly to or to watch while having a few beers with yer friends down at the club. No fake, heaving boobs or synchronized dance steps in sight, just rock the way it’s always been and always will be, amen.
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