Weedeater – …And Justice for Y’all – Review


…And Justice for Y’all (Berserker)
by Craig Regala

Heavy sludge-groove rock in the North Carolina/New Orleans tradition. Bulk merchants Crowbar, the doom squa(li)d Eye-HateGod, and the band Weedeater‘s bassist/singer called home. Buzzov-en have laid out a puke carpet these guys get to stroll down like huge gluehead snapping turtles in hobnail boots and spiked collars (turned spike-side in). The key here – as with the bands refered to in this missive – is Weedeater are a rock band with rock attack. As out of the “radio rock” norm they may be, they’re not to be kept out of the big house just because they have shit on their shoes and bile in their throat.

…And Justice… rolls with a slow to midtempo blues rock reduction focusing on the bottom-end, supported by hanging riffs, a nicely roaming bass (both papa Sabbath and various music-oriented hardcore bands have used this – at various speeds – to great effect), and mud-gargling hellbilly singing. The swing of the thing can be tremendous; witness song two, “Monkey Junction.” Pin this on a whale’s ass and watch the fucker do the bump all night long.

Besides that action, Weedeater has chopped and channeled grime that fits into the acid-burnt hard rock format, considering how the language has recently opened up after grind/death/black metal. Ya’know, like with Goatsnake, when those guys decide to tank up on the chemical the pituitary excretes when it senses the minimum daily requirement for noise is low. It’s good to keep plenty around for your health. Before the last couple slices, you get a cover of a Crosby, Stills and Nash song, “Southern Cross,” not like I’d know, but if it keeps any of those fuckers from walking into the light, I’m for it.
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