A Fistful of Rock – Vol. 7 – Review

A Fistful of Rock

Vol. 7 (Victory)
by Craig Regala

The best of this stuff just fucking detonates. The form is well worked and has pretty much been in current rock and roll language for a couple decades plus. So, this series of aesthetically-congruent comps is a good way to go. Because, my friend, each band has an angle, a tone, a feel, and a personality, even if the format is locked down tight. That format can be described a buncha ways; today I’ll describe it as a collision/outgrowth of Cleveland bands: The Dead Boys (’70s), Knifedance (’80s), and New Bomb Turks (’90s). This is kinda shot to shit by the inclusion of a heap of kickass via Alabama Thunderpussy and Puny Human – bands usually associated within “stoner/fuzzrock” parameters. Why are they here? They rock, and they rock but good. Sal’s about rockin’ and isn’t about to let a little marketing term throw off his swerve. Hell, he might give you a slice of Lamont/Scissorfight-brand Northeastern stomp if you’re “nice.” Look, the only reason people took the rumor that Sal’s band, Electric Frankenstein, were gonna play a Halloween show as “Eclectic Frankinscense” (doing acid rock-era tunes) is because that sorta prank is within his and the band’s grasp.

This series is for anyone who might get cranked up by a Motörhead, Agent Orange, AC/DC, pre-Beatles Redd Kross, early Kiss, The Runaways/the first pair of Joan Jett records, The Weirdos, Gang Green, Mudhoney, The Fastbacks, Ruts, Germs, New Christs, Fluid, Otis Day and the Nights mix tape. Not that that stuff is this stuff (most of this series belies a post-hardcore velocity/knowledge), but our good ol’ mix tape is the spiritual rootage. Plus, the Loudmouths tune sounds like it borrowed Black Flag’s “Black Coffee.” Hell maybe they never heard it; that’s part of the cool about music, this an’ that turns up here an’ there and some guy like Sal puts it out to let y’all know. Here’s the guilty: The Donnas, Puffball, Launderettes, Push Rods, Adam West, Wonky Business, Hellside Stranglers, Wonderfools, Cherry Valence, Gels, Blackouts, Panadols, Shuts-ups, Retardos, Les Vipers, Hellions.
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