Adema – Review


by Scott Hefflon

Coming in late to the nü metal rat race, Arista has the good graces to offer a distinct twist on the shit, and that’s a singer who can sing. From Zero had a distinct singer (as opposed to just some shithead roaring out his vocal chords cuz he can’t carry a tune with a wheelbarrow), and Ademia has Mark “Marky” Chavez, younger brother of Jonathan Davis of Korn. And the drummer was in some no-name band whose debut had guest appearances by Davis and Limp Bizkit’s Fred “Duh” Durst. And a couple of the other guys were in a band that grew out of another band that at one point both Davis and one of the guys from Orgy were in. This is what’s called “reaching.”

All that aside, the important question on everyone’s mind: Are they cute? Oops, I mean, can they write good songs? Well, yer on yer own on the former, but as for the latter, while videos will probably be shit like moody, thoughtful-yet-intense Creed and Lifehouse and all those “alternative hard rock” embarrassments, Ademia writes monster productions of breathy boy band rage and eerie, cold moments of New Wave, and, of course, the roar and groove of nü metal. While this reminds me of an enthusiastic review I wrote for the first Sugar Ray record, applauding it for its blend of humor, hard rock, and breakdancing, shit, those underwear models make bank and couldn’t care less that I think that they squandered their diverse talent to write slow dance songs for girls too young to sleep with (legally, at least).