Irving Klaws – Pajama Party – Review

Irving Klaws

Pajama Party (Get Hip)
by Jon Sarre

These clowns not only put out a decent record a couple years back, they coined the term “pervasonic” (which hasn’t exactly made much of an inroad in the pop culture conscience, but ya never know when someone’s gonna utter it on Meet the Press or somethin’). Just to keep it in the current, they decide to call a song on this new disc “It’s Pervasonic,” smart move! They also moniker one “Dig My Six” – what the hell does that mean, anyway? Help me out! The Irving Klaws unique contribution to the American lexicon aside, they play a vaguely rockabilly surf hybrid, but their subject matter (or mebbe their sense of humor) puts ’em up a lil’ higher than most bands in those genres or, like the Klaws, that genre (y’know, surfabilly). That means the Klaws aren’t borin’ and rockabilly bands usually don’t write songs about panty sniffin’ and surf bands don’t really write songs about anything I can decipher (cuz they usually don’t have lyrics). There ya go. Dig my six!
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