Rocket 455 – Go to Hell – Review

February 22, 2002

Altho’ ex-Gorie and future Demolition Doll Rod Dan Kroha was a foundin’ member, as a band they turned their noses up at anything retro.

Irving Klaws – Pajama Party – Review

February 22, 2002

The Klaws aren’t borin’ and rockabilly bands usually don’t write songs about panty sniffin’ and surf bands don’t really write songs with lyrics. Dig my six!

Turbonegro – Darkness Forever! – Review

February 22, 2002

There’s a tongue’n’cheek quality goin’ on here, ‘specially when they do stuff like “Back to Dungaree High” and “Don’t Say Motherfucker, Motherfucker.”

The Neatbeats – Mercurial – Review

February 22, 2002

Japan’s Neatbeats make it their lives’ work to duplicate early ’60s teenybeat pop stuff like The Beatles and everyone else honed their chops on.

Deep Reduction – Review

April 1, 2000

Deep Reduction is a generally disappointing foray thru various rock’n’blues pieces that go nowhere everyone’s been before.

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