Professional Murder Music – Review

Professional Murder Music

by Scott Hefflon

Nice, dark, electronic-infused heavy brooding music. While a debut, these guys have been sneaking in here and there (on some high profile tours and soundtracks), and all the right people have noticed. I think it’s a mistake to throw them in with flash-in-the-pan successes like PM5K and Orgy and other one-trick tantrum throwers. These guys have hints of depth (as a half-decent cover of the Cure’s “A Night Like This” dimly sparkles), though it’s way, way too early in the long-term creative process to predict anything.

In plain English (cuz this kind of thing has come back to haunt me more times than I can count), this band could really go somewhere if they distance themselves from the fucknuts (the glad-handing, friendly majority of bands who want everyone to get along and be equally unchallanging) and push forward all the glimmering nuances of their sound and ditch the cheap ploys most of the soon-to-be-forgotten rely so heavily upon. Metaphorically speaking, it’s like how most guys have an arsenal of opening lines but nothing of any further value to say. These guys seem to have something to say, and they just made their introduction, so now we’ll see what their next move is.