Propagandhi – Today’s Empires, Tomorrow’s Ashes – Review


Today’s Empires, Tomorrow’s Ashes (Fat)
by Tim Den

What can one say about Propagandhi? If you weren’t a fan from the first time you heard “Anti-Manifesto” you either 1) really lost out big, or 2) really don’t know what good music is. Give the band shit for waiting so many fucking years between albums, but have they ever failed us? All three of their records have been nothing but brilliant. Social observation with humble introspection, humor with thrash metal muscles. Beautiful melodies that examine the adrenaline level in your bloodstream and question your moral values.

In short, Propagandhi are the intellectual kings of punk rock. They’re sarcastic, inventive, lively, crazy, and an inspiration to “geeks” all around the world. And they can school Yngwie Malmsteen on guitar (as well as give him some well-deserved lessons in domestic violence). Today’s Empires, Tomorrow’s Ashes is the band finally finding their identity and mission: A hard-ass band who’ll not compromise their influences (mostly ’80s thrash and hardcore) or their politics. With the addition of new bassist/backup vocalist Todd “the Rod,” Propagandhi tackles heavier material with the newcomer’s mighty screams. And heavier indeed, as the band switches from their trademarked shred-punk to the Cro-Mags-ish “Bullshit Politicians” and “Fuck the Border.” They’ve never asked more relevant questions, and they’ve never sounded so cohesive and potent. Anthems that will unify the underground.
(PO Box 193690 San Francisco, CA 94119)