Puya – Union – Review


Union (MCA)
by Scott Hefflon

Stuttering and annoying much of the time (and with the tendency to work the band name into a lot of their lyrics), Puya do bring a cool percussive take to a played-out sound. Usually manic “island” drumming, occasionally slow “Low Rider” style, is what saved Puya in the past, and it’s what knocks ’em up a notch from their yapping brethren.

There’s a lot of dumb group yelling and monotone rapping but it sounds huge cuz it was produced by GGGarth (Rage ATM, Kittie, Mudvayne) and Mudrock (PM5K and Godsmack). Now if only those guys would use their skills for something worthwhile… (For some reason, I get nostalgic for Death Angel and The Organization while trying to find anything nice to say about this band. Anyone else get that?)