ReDirection – Review


by Tim Den

Consistently the best source for Midwestern math-ish indie/instrumental/emo rock, Polyvinyl has put together a damn fine (and balanced) sampler for those uninitiated. For the young ‘uns, there’s the accessible steadiness of Sunday’s Best and the tried-and-true formula of chug’n’yelp from The Ivory Coast. For the singer/songwriter types, AM/FM and (the colorfully textured melodies of) Matt Pond PA will leave ’em breathless. For the experimental types, Aloha and Pele will play circles around ’em with their array of non-rock instruments. For the jangly DC-core enthusiasts, Kerosene 454, Radio Flyer, and Paris, Texas will provide plenty of action. And, finally, for top-notch songs written by musicians who know how to play just a little too well, we have American Football, Braid, Rainer Maria, and Hey Mercedes. This latter group of Polyvinylists are, without a doubt, the label’s cream of the crop. They’ll wow you with their skills, but they’ll also make you sway and hum and jump and sing out loud. All in all, this is a label doing everything right… and with a sampler to prove it.
(PO Box 1885 Danville, IL 61834)