The Sights – Are You Green? – Review

The Sights

Are You Green? (Fall of Rome)
by Jon Sarre

These Detroit non-deadly snakes are either potheads or pro-environment (or seasick) and that’s nice for ’em, cuz it’s good to have interests to balance out yer musical aptitude. Not like they don’t possess any, far from it, they probably got lots. Their songs sorta have a Brit-influenced ’60s-something deal goin’ on, almost like The Makers, sans those fancy dressers fancy dresses’n’oft interestin’ turns of phraseology both lyrical and rock’n’rollical. The Sights are less slight-of-handy, see, and that can be a bit of a stumblin’ block when ya wear short sleeves (like they do on the cover), so it goes to follow that there ain’t nothing up them. Understand?
(PO Box 69431 Los Angeles, CA 90069)