Ozma – Rock and Roll Part Three – Review


Rock and Roll Part Three (Kung Fu)
by Scott Hefflon

Power poppers from Orange County who like Weezer and ’80s nostalgia. There’s a song called “Natalie Portman” (before the Episode One hoopla, we’re told), and the rest are pretty evenly split between mid-tempo Weezer rolling drone with falsetto highlights and dorky Nerf Herder reaching vocals and butt-wiggling powerpunk. Like cutesy punkpop bands doing the sappy Grease thing, all naïve and sentimental and… predictable.

But this is their debut (I think… I don’t read two-page bios of bands I’m barely interested in that reference Back to the Future and Rivers Cuomo like they’re pinnacles of human achievement), so I’ll cut ’em some slack. Some… Shit, gimme Darlington over Ozma any day. (Who? See?)
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