Slipknot – Iowa – Review


Iowa (Roadrunner)
by Martin Popoff

True to the hype, Slipknot have created a meteor shower of extreme sights and sounds, deftly masking a nü metal premise they and Ross helped create. Fact is, this regularly raps and whispers and hollers, and the band’s riffs and rhythms are signature nü very often. But it is all that percussion and a new-found death and black metal madness that ups the ante. And that oddly sing-songy 4/4 (“Disasterpiece” and “Everything Ends” is all theirs: No one dare touch that with one drummer).

Why they revel in this level of shock, no one knows, but this is some set of evil utterances, especially poignant in that it’s infected and injected itself so far into the mainstream. A Satanic and seductive skyscraping world of roarcore rarely letting up for a breath of anything other than black soot.