Thulsa Doom- The Seats are Soft but the Helmet is Way Too Tight – Review

Thulsa Doom

The Seats are Soft but the Helmet is Way Too Tight (This Dark Reign)
by Brian Varney

I was carrying this CD into the other room to pop it into the player when it fell out of the package. It landed on its side and rolled for awhile. The shades were open and the sun was shining and the light refracted off the CDs blue back (cheap bastards sent me a burned copy with no artwork. [That was me. I burned a copy thinking he’d like it, even though I assigned the CD to another writer. Shows how much I know – ed.]), shooting some pretty cool patterns onto the wall. I was interested.

I put the CD in the player. I played a few tracks but it wasn’t very good. Oh Kyuss, what has thy wrought? And why put a bad hardcore shouter in front of a band playing stoner rock?

As I briefly pondered such questions, I ejected the CD and tried to get it to roll on its side like it had before. I got it rolling just fine, but I couldn’t quite recapture the exact set of circumstances that had produced the brilliant reflections. I told my wife about it and she gave it a few tries as well, but neither of us could get it.

I guess that’s how it goes sometimes. The best things are often accidents, and try as you may, you can’t recreate them.
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