RPG – Worth the Weight – Review

September 1, 2008

The punk-rock energy of the first Saints album and the monstrous brawn of the MC5 with the rock-steady R&B timekeeping of classic AC/DC.

Lesbian – Power Hor – Review

May 11, 2007

The four tracks veer from black metal screeching to dreamy Isis/Pelican-style post-rockery to downtuned stoner thudding, sometimes in just a few minutes.

Clouds – Legendary Demo – Review

May 4, 2007

A spin-off of Cave In. Sick in the same way as the early, super-distorted Hellacopters records and Life of Crime/You Can’t Pray a Lie-era Laughing Hyenas.

Sasquatch – II – Review

April 20, 2007

Heavy classic-rock power-trio thump, stoner rock by way of Walsh-era James Gang, Red Album-era Grand Funk, and Ted Nugent’s debut.

Middian – Age Eternal – Review

April 20, 2007

Mike Scheidt of YOB. The songs are long and ever-changing, Mike sings through the chorus pedal, and crushing guitar riffs abound at nearly every moment.

Earth – Hibernaculum – Review

April 20, 2007

Hibernaculum, which could also be regarded as a companion piece to Hex, reimagines three earlier Earth pieces in the Hex style, and the results are compelling.

American Hair Metal – Review

March 3, 2007

Much has been written and filmed about the ’80s and ’90s hair metal flash, most of which falls somewhere between tongue-in-cheek and downright mocking in tone.

The Macho Man’s Drinkbook – Review

December 15, 2006

Something to keep in a high traffic area so you can pull it out at a party or when you’re drunk with friends for some gut laughs and quality boob ogling.

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