The Irish Brothers – Freedom Is a Lonely Thing – Review

theirishbrothers200The Irish Brothers

Freedom Is a Lonely Thing
By Brian Varney

I’ve said it before about a lot of bands, but I’d like to see this band live before passing judgment. In terms of sound and influence, this band is right where it should be to reach out and grab me. “Contributing To a Minor” nods to “Marie” by the Supersuckers (itself a less-than-subtle lift of Thin Lizzy’s “Mexican Blood”), and that sort of lineage says “Home” to me like little else. There’s a lot to like about this band – nice guitar sound and playing (the solos especially, where unexpected rootsy touches add a bit more to chew on), the songs themselves are simple and likable, and I’m always a sucker for a raspy voice – but the recording is less than satisfactory. The mix doesn’t feel quite right, and the record is very dry-sounding, so the music just sort of sits there and perfunctorily does its thing when it should be leaping through the speakers, waving in front of your face to get your attention. The Irish Brothers are a better band than this record lets on. A live show or another record should confirm.