The Way-High Men – Let’s Get Arrested! – Review

thewayhighmen200The Way-High Men

Let’s Get Arrested!
By Brian Varney

The band illustration (guys in leather jackets and cowboy hats standing in front of a giant flame) is gonna make you immediately think “Supersuckers,” which I suppose isn’t such a bad thing. OK, I guess the Supersuckers’ best days as a rock band are behind them (or maybe I just lost interest waiting for a new record), but if you’re aiming to play unadorned, classic rock and roll in 2008, you could do a lot worse than play La Mano Cornuda or The Evil Powers of Rock & Roll a lot of times.

If a track like “Get Out” is any indication, the guys in The Way-High Men have done just that. The band is still a bit tentative, as if it doesn’t quite trust its own legs just yet, so the level of attack isn’t quite what it should be, but the raw materials are present. 100 shows from now, this band could really be something.