The Black Keys – Chulahoma – Review

November 10, 2006

Chulahoma is the band’s own personal Kimbrough tribute, a six-song EP that closes out the band’s tenure with Kimbrough’s one-time home, Fat Possum.

Monster Magnet – 25 Tab – Review

November 10, 2006

25 Tab is the second Monster Magnet album, easily the band’s most ambitious work, and a successful attempt to make the most psychedelic album of all time.

Comets on Fire – Avatar – Review

November 10, 2006

While Avatar may not satisfy the hard psych freaks who worship earlier records, there’s room for both sides of the band’s personality in my collection.

Black Stone Cherry – Review

October 27, 2006

Someone made a radio-friendly Black Label Society by toning down the aggression, lowering the metal, throwing in big hooks, and prettying up the fellas.

ZZ Top – Fandango! – Review

October 20, 2006

The live half is the only officially sanctioned live recording from the band’s early years. The second half contains their best studio work at that point.

ZZ Top – Tres Hombres – Review

October 20, 2006

This album is probably best known as the home of “La Grange,” but its riches reach far beyond that lone tune. Tres Hombres has a lot to offer.

Bad Wizard – Sky High – Review

July 14, 2006

The band is still playing butt-shaking boogie rock, but the tempo’s a bit less frantic, and the psychedelic effects on the vocals may arch an eyebrow or two.

The Next Hundred Years – Review

June 23, 2006

Has that QOTSA “robot-rock” sound with heavy emphasis on repetition and plentiful starts and stops, but NHY have a much better singer than Josh Homme.

Throttlerod – Nail – Review

June 9, 2006

Moving from classic rock to the dark and drearily downbeat to angular, hardcore-tinged punk fury, you can’t accuse Throttlerod of complacency.

ZZZ – Sound of ZZZ – Review

May 12, 2006

Drummer Bjorn Ottenheim, lays down a fine, greasy beat, and his vocals are compelling. I just can’t get over my need for stringed instruments.

That ’70s Show: Season Two – Review

April 28, 2006

The jokes are funny, but the playful sensibility that includes the liberal use of fantasy sequences and riffs on other genres keeps the laughs coming as well.

Man on Fire – Review

April 28, 2006

Jerky handheld work, jittery jump cuts, seemingly pointless zooms, and anarchic shifts in color palette brings to mind Fincher’s Se7en and Soderbergh’s Traffic.

The Bellrays – @ the Barfly – Review

April 28, 2006

I enjoyed the band’s second and third releases, but their third, The Red, White & Black, was a bit of a disappointment. @ the Barfly draws heavily from RW&B.

The Muggs – Review

April 28, 2006

Musically, it’s equal parts AC/DC and Foghat, with raspy, slightly snotty vocals heavy on important words like “baby,” and I just can’t get enough.

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