Knut – Review


(Hydra Head)
by Paul Lee

I’m at work and I’ve got venom leaking from my emotion receptors and my mood is foul so into my PC goes this little EP from these Swiss fiends and, lo and behold, I feel just a bit better. The singer screams, the guitars and rhythm section rage and shift tempos like a tornado altering course on a path of destruction through a town. Just a four-song fix here, but I get the sense that Knut experiences the same pain, rage, and violent creative urge that their brothers-in-post-hardcore-arms like Burnt By The Sun and Botch do in their respective parts of the world. Yeah, a little melodic break would be nice when I’m not feeling so nasty, but Knut tear through their songs with such unbridled fury and passion that I can overlook my usual need for a break in the violence. Looking forward to what Knut can do on a full-length.
(PO Box 990248 Boston, MA 02199)