Steve Roach – Streams & Currents – Review

Steve Roach

Streams & Currents (Projekt)
by DJ Arcanus

As the title implies, Steve Roach has created ethereal textures that flow smoothly from song to song. This makes the album ideal for meditation. It invokes a feeling of inner peace and nurtures introspection. The journey does not head in a straight line; rather it is like a soft wave that slowly fluctuates between tranquility and moodiness. This way the traveler never gets lost or forgets to continue soul-searching without losing perspective. The minimalistic approach is the catalyst for the balance between simplicity and complexity. The presence of a guitar is part of the small ensemble. There are no obtrusive riffs or melodies to hum. Instead, textured walls of sound are created to enrich the experience. The second track, “Spirit Moves,” has a steady tribal beat that induces meditation after the preparation of the opening soundscape. The next two pieces are long passageways before the final two that help the traveler gradually return to this plane. Whether you like Steve Roach or not, there’s one thing everyone can agree on, and that is his consistency. He’s created a unique sound that he incorporates into all of his soundscapes. For fans who like this sound, Streams & Currents is a must have.