The Arsons – Whole Life Crisis – Review

The Arsons

Whole Life Crisis (Chunksaah)
by Jon Sarre

These Jersey punk vets properly pissed about wussy poppunk saach get revenge (and vent some frustration, natch) by slashing out damn near a dozen buzzsaw scorchers that come off real catchy, but ya can’t call any of it emo or peppy or whatever, which is sorta a neat trick cuz someone drew a line over there somewhere and ya just can’t cross – like men here/boys here.

The Arsons not only straddle the line, they stride back and forth, kicking in teeth on both sides like ruffhouse longshoremen with money in their pockets on a Saturday nite. It’s pretty much what punk rock usedta be before everyone decided it was in need of subgenres and labels. I mean, what was Black Flag, other than fucking Black Flag? Not like The Arsons are doin’ somethin’ that hasn’t been done before, but if their ambition is to play honest punk rock that ya can sing along to and not feel yer balls shrinkin’, well, they’ve done it and that’s more than the most of ’em can say.
(PO Box 974 New Brunswick, NJ 08903)