Theory In Practice – Colonizing the Sun – Review

Theory In Practice

Colonizing the Sun (Listenable)
by Tim Den

Just the way I like ’em: Mind-boggling prog/fusion/jazz death metal splashed with spacey acid trip-ness ala Nocturnus. These guys could play circles around Cryptopsy or (even worse) so-called “tech-metal hardcore” bands. The “planetary” theme reminds me of Pestilence’s Spheres (a criminally-overlooked masterpiece), but the chops remind me of an angrier Cynic. I mean, some of this shit whizzes by so fast that you swear you’re listening to a data processor with a good soundtrack. Lean, fluid, and with surprises around every corner, this is a wet dream for real metal lovers.
(B.P. 73, 62930 Wimereux France)