Conduction – Review


by Tim Den

Rarely do I give two shits about an unsigned band, but Conduction are no ordinary unsigned band. Okay, they’re some of the best musicians/people I know, but seriously: You’ve never felt songs until you’ve felt theirs. I say “felt” because Conduction’s songs surpass a pedestrian auditory experience: They are sounds of the human experience staring at itself in the mirror. The chord changes feel like they’ve always been in your subconscious, the melodies like the language of your brain’s electric impulses. Whether it’s the encouragement of “Altitude” or the breakbeat roar of “Listen,” the songs play out like a slide show of your fondest memories. Warm, uplifting, somber, intimate, sincere, well-crafted, not to mention just plain beautiful. Conduction write the songs that make us all sing.

And it all comes together on “Perfect Attempt,” a loop of two sets of verses with an angelic bridge. It’s the soundtrack to the most heartbreaking film you ever saw; the morning-after sunrise of your post-prom party; the first time you moved away from your hometown. It’s pure musical bliss at its most transcendental. It resonates your brightest loves and your most hidden regrets.

Come bear witness to Conduction. These songs are about you.