Andrew W.K. – at The Roxy – Review

November 22, 2002

After the first couple songs, I was exhausted and ready to get the fuck out. But then WK and his cohorts ripped into “Ready to Die,” and I got a second wind.

Retox – Last Call – Review

November 22, 2002

Retox has been around 10 years and namedrop RKL (Rich Kids on LSD) and they’re probably drinking buds with Guttermouth and Nododys and swap porn tapes with ’em.

The Mars Volta – Tremulant – Review

November 22, 2002

The Mars Volta use anything near them in their “experimental rock” approach… like soaking At The Drive-In’s explosive songs in every effects pedal made.

Paul Westerberg – Stereo – Review

November 22, 2002

Westerberg’s new album is made up of two discs, Stereo, and Mono. The former is earnest, well-crafted melodic rock. Mono is noisy and fun, punky pop rock.

The Exit – New Beat – Review

November 22, 2002

Bad ass pop songs played with a NY deli helping of elbow grease. Outstanding singing (shared between all three members) on top of substantial crunch and boom.

Mastodon – Remission – Review

November 22, 2002

Every chug of the guitar, every insane drum fill, every melting-face scream hits like a tsunami of Eyehategod records on fast-forward.

Brand New Sin – Review

November 15, 2002

Comprised of ex-Godbelow members who’ve shed their abrasive hardcore edge in exchange for turning up the amps and rocking out. I’m digging it.

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