Beatsteaks – Living Targets – Review

January 31, 2003

This Berlin-based band will never hit it big with the trendies, but anyone into the dark rockin’ of the Dwarves is sure to find things here to punch mirrors to.

Moistboyz – III – Review

January 31, 2003

An odd mix of high-octane gonzo rock produced noisy in places and high-school metal band shitty in others. Pure American yahoo: Guns, booze’n’titties dirt rock.

In.Dk – Kill Whitey! – Review

January 31, 2003

Bands like these are so fucking lame. It’s well-produced and the riffs are good, too bad it’s all wasted on lame lyrics about totally pathetic politics.

The Cutthroats 9 – Review

January 31, 2003

Picking up where his previous band (Unsane) left off, Chris Spencer bores into the space between art-noise, explosive groove-grind punk roots, and death’n’roll.

Disturbed – Believe – Review

January 31, 2003

One of The Big (insert low number here) of the second wave of nü metal, Disturbed return after two years of gigging with another record of punchy chop metal.

Mustard Plug – Yellow #5 – Review

January 17, 2003

Gone are the hooks and weird elements thrown in for spice. We’re left with the mustard water that sogs up the bread as your thumb squishes in.

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