In Strict Confidence – Mistrust the Angels – Review

In Strict Confidence

Mistrust the Angels (Metropolis)
by DJ Carrion

From Metropolis to WTII back to Metropolis, In Strict Confidence finds a home for their latest effort, Mistrust the Angels. I’ve followed this band since 1998’s Face the Fear release. Throughout the album, you’ll hear familiar sounds and styles, except for “Hertzattacke,” which is the powerhouse club hit, but the album lacks stronger songs like “Kiss Your Shadow” or “Prediction.” This album takes its time moving from song to song, almost as if it’s trying to be sure you can see for yourself how the sound has matured and become more refined. As a big ISC fan, my heart was more geared to the previous album, Love Kills!, but this one still delivers and is far from a letdown. One gripe I have (and I’m sure many others share it) is track nine is missing. If you want this track, you’ll have to be one of the lucky 200 people that owns the “bag” edition, which contains the missing track nine on the second disc.
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