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Gothy industrialists The Birthday Massacre get Superstitious

A fascinating hybrid of electronic pop and goth-tinged rock with an industrial metal twist, THE BIRTHDAY MASSACRE has been described as ‘a perfect mixture of Alice in Wonderland and the stuff that nightmares are made of.’ Superstition is the band’s sixth album and the high point of their career.

Recorded via a highly successful Pledge campaign that surpassed 100% of its target within 24 hours of commencement, it celebrates the devotion of the band’s ever-increasing fan base whilst simultaneously demonstrating their ability to surprise and satisfy the casual listener.

Originally formed via a Fine Art Program in Ontario, Canada by charismatic lead singer Chibi and guitarists c and Falcore, TBM initially self-produced and released an album entitled Nothing and Nowhere plus an EP, Violet, backing these up with well received live shows that brought the band to the attention of Metropolis Records. The next TBM album, 2007’s Walking With Strangers, included additional production by Dave ‘Rave’ Ogilvie(NIN, Marilyn Manson, Skinny Puppy), who continues to work with the band to this day. The autumn of 2010 saw the release of a fourth studio album, Pins And Needles, which was described in one review as ‘a deliciously dark slice of guitar driven goth rock that could single handedly soundtrack the entire Tim Burton filmography.’ Their next release, Hide & Seek, was issued two years later and became TBM’s first Billboard chart record. Described by the UK’s Kerrang! Magazine as a ‘shot of playfully synth-drenched psychodrama’, it drew comparisons to the likes of NIN, Lacuna Coil and Depeche Mode in its wide-ranging sound palette.

And now comes Superstition, an album that brings together all of TBM’s themes and experiences into one of the most intriguing yet accessible record releases in recent memory. Superstition is driven in part by its raw, unapologetic emotion. As Chibi’s commanding vocals launch into the album opener “Divide,” the album unfolds into a twisted world that leads to the dark and haunting album reprise “Trinity,” a track laced with cello and richly-orchestrated symphonic textures. Yet, no track on Superstitioncaptures the imagination and footlight approach of The Birthday Massacre quite as flawlessly as the album’s lead single “Beyond.”From Chibi’s efficacious storytelling to Rainbow’s thunderous guitar solo, “Beyond” pushes listener deeper into the twisted-tangles and complications of The Birthday Massacre’s poetic dark narratives.