Death Becomes You: The Tarnished Tapes of Transylvania – Review

Death Becomes You: The Tarnished Tapes of Transylvania

by Scott Hefflon
(Coffin Text Records)

Not many unsigned bands have a full-length CD and a DVD to their credit, but Death Becomes You is far from your ordinary band. Full graveyard stage sets and two-hour make-up preparation is par for the course for these Florida ghouls. The music is a mixture of Gwar and the Misfits (surprise, surprise!) – part metal, part horror punk – and the homage to horror movies is a cut above camp, it’s true lifestyle. “Bad Day in Salem,” Misfit’s “Helloween,” “The Sentinel” (not the Judas Priest song), and the Ramones’ “Pet Semetary” are but a few of the choice cuts of bloody meat on this silver platter, the illustration-strewn cut’n’paste booklet only adding to the appeal. Having opened for Godhead, Christian Death, Mortiis, Razed in Black, Impotent Sea Snakes, Switchblade Symphony, and Graves (former-Misfits singer), Death Becomes You are well on their way to becoming a (haunted) household name.