Ulver – Lyckantropen Themes – Review


Lyckantropen Themes (The End)
by Vinnie Apicella

Ulver is a gifted tactician when it comes to conjuring up an electric storm of hollow, hallucinogenic sounds from programmable mobile equipment. Lyckantropen Themes functions as the voiceless soundtrack to the Swedish short film, Lyckantropen, which has a visually disturbing feel of impending doom as revealed by the dark and dramatic still imagery contained within. Eerily reminiscent of yesterday’s golden age of synthesized ambience from the likes of Eloy, Waldeck, and TD, where bleed the aural equivalent of a life’s worth of lust, longing, and fear into an unlikely flittering of acoustics and cinematic splendor. It’s easy to get swept away in the emotion of a lamentive kind in listening to the mesmerizing, melancholic, and often monotonous drones of an already-revealed three-chord improvisation. The effects are enjoyable in their subliminal simplicity, where windswept notes rise, fall, and refrain often lost in the fluidity of this interconnecting dark theme.
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