Further Seems Forever – How to Start a Fire – Review

Further Seems Forever

How to Start a Fire (Tooth & Nail)
by Tim Den

Even though I liked Further Seems Forever‘s debut, The Moon Is Down, I almost dismissed this album just cuz of the title alone. “Ooooo, more emo songs about fires. How original.” But then I hit play. And I remembered why these guys always stood above the rest. Okay, having dudes from Shai Hulud and Strongarm helps, but let’s just say it out loud: New vocalist Jason Gleason more than fills former frontman (and current Dashboard Confessional whiner) Chris Carrabba’s shoes. Gleason tackles every turn of phrase, holler, and whisper with the dynamics of Freddie Mercury, dashing to-and-fro between melodic fluctuations and unconventional hooks. And he sings about things besides girls! What a concept!

The technical prowess of the members weaves seamlessly into the dynamic songwriting. Key changes, tempo shifts, taking loud/soft to the extreme, and even an obvious “modern rock” injection (a few songs sound like Ours) make How to Start a Fire intricate yet catchy, energetic and intelligent. So what’s next? Hopefully blowing tourmates New Found Glory off the fucking stage every night!
(PO Box 12698 Seattle, WA 98111)