Friendster – Review


by Tim Den

The demise of MakeOutClub is on the horizon. Its doombringer? Friendster, an online “six degrees of separation” community that’s pretty much conquered the 18 to 30 demographic. It works like this: Sign up, send an email invitation to all your friends, get them to join your “friends list,” have all your friends invite all their friends too, and then start “networking” amongst each other’s groups of friends. It’s free, so it’s better than the online dating thing, and it puts you in touch with some people you never thought existed (a girl who likes Jellyfish and Hong Kong Cinema zombie flicks!?). Not to mention if you want to meet someone else’s friend, you can always ask your go-between friend to introduce you. Which is a lot less creepy than, say, some stranger surprising you with messages.

People who are more than six degrees (within six friends) away from your social circle will not be browse-able, but that’s all the more incentive to keep networking. Hell, I think some of my exes are even on there… thankfully out of my six degrees of reach!

Send messages to each other, post “testimonials” on each other’s pages (you’d be surprised at how many fucking “hipsters” cram pages with “witty” [idiotic and shallow] comments), put up flattering pictures of yourself… it’s addictive as hell, and feels a lot more intimate than most online communities. So get going! Be my friend!