Immersed In Blood – Killing Season – Review

Immersed In Blood

Killing Season (Arctic Music)
by Tim Den

It always scares me when foreign bands sound meaner and madder than American bands. Cuz, after all, nothing brews unrelenting hostility like the oblivion of the American existence, right? Apparently not, cuz Sweden’s Immersed In Blood sound more pissed off than a Masshole stranded in Florida. The bottom end-heavy production hits you in the face like a winter-frozen mud pie, while the flailing guitar shreds zip by faster than you can blink. Along with fellow Swedes Aeon, these guys bring the Mortician-style fuckitall that’s often missing in the death metal world these days.
(400 South East 9th St. Ft. Lauderdale, FL 33316)