Pillow Fight Bloodbath – Review

Pillow Fight Bloodbath

by Scott Hefflon

Well, there goes half an hour of my life… Pillow Fight Bloodbath was probably cutting-edge stuff at some point… Called “Xtreme VR,” whatcha do is open doors and pan around the room during different scenes as three mainstream porn-looking women enter a bedroom, undress a bit, jump on the bed, have a pillow fight, then stab and shoot each other as blood splashes on the walls. It’s obviously a “kinky” adaptation of early panoramic games where you can zoom in, zoom out, view scenes from different angles… All kinds of stuff that’s more interesting than balancing your checkbook, but not by much.

Ironically, the screen hand you use to, say, help one of the ladies slip off her top is just as clunky as stumbling drunkenly around, trying to do it in real life. Though I’ve never been left bleeding on the floor five minutes later, at least not that I remember.

All the extras and games are retarded, but it’s worth a few minutes of yer life, just to pan around a room as attractive women have a pillowfight, then kill each other. Kinda reminds me of early Lollipop parties, but I don’t have to clean up afterwards.