Moral Crux – Pop Culture Assassins – Review

Moral Crux

Pop Culture Assassins (Panic Button)
by Ewan Wadharmi

Informed political lyrics like this are scarce and rare, stacked with such bite so as to pull a grin from your hardened lips. Everybody has an opinion, but few have done the legwork Moral Crux has to know what they’re talking about. Topical eye-openers like “how about a Marshal plan for the Palestinians/ USA supporting dictators to ensure cheap labor” may risk dating themselves, but given our government’s history, odds are the statement will ring true into Bush III. In switching it up from mid-tempo, three-chord punk to mild new wave with an odd Dave Wakeling warble, some settling occurs during shipping. A little less repetition and a little more vocal aggression would be well met. But it’s a small adjustment that pays off in pointed sarcasm and the periodic punkabilly guitar break. And when they open it up, it’s suddenly Suicidal Tendencies. Not as immediate as The Briefs in comfort, but you’ll feel smarter in the end.