C.aarmé – Review


by Ewan Wadharmi

There’s a repetition perpetrated by jam bands that hound the same note in a vain attempt to arrive at some non-existent tonal perfection. Then there’s the hypnotic replication of riffs too deliciously simple to play just once. With most songs averaging a minute and a half, C.aarmé blasts relentlessly through a completely unselfconscious set of metallic punk and in the process, stumbles on the holy sonic grail. Fuzzed-out and bass-driven, the indestructible compositions are obscene Birthday Party versions of the Batman theme. Like Wire and Gang of Four, they can be skillfully brutal and remain intelligent. When the blistering yet strictly rhythm guitar isn’t consumed by the monstrous clacking bass lines, it takes control of its handler and chases him around the stage. Jessie Garon shouts, shrieks, and burbles the amusing oddball messages: “I Am a Princess” and “Tu Puta Mi Casa” with the vitriol of Killing Joke’s Jaz Coleman. Particularly impressive are the precise time changes and fantastic frenetic drumming. The fact that the songs are recorded straight hints to powerful live possibilities. Pick it up if you find The White Stripes lacking energy.