The Witches – On Parade – Review

The Witches

On Parade (Fall of Rome)
by Craig Regala

Cool. Sweet, stinging, garage ’70s clang and buzz bites off whatever it needs from the rock and the roll. Kissin’ cousins are Jesus and Mary Chain, cool never-was’es like Plexi and Earth18, the basic history of the bubble gum’n’gin slurpy the Vaseline’s and Motocaster served up. Hell, On Parade is part and parcel of “that feeling,” ya know? T-Rex, power pop Nirvana, the Modern Lovers, The Only Ones, the Clean, Plasticland… As simpy as it may get, the tunes are there, the hooks are there, the sickness-of-coy-come-on’s are there. It’s a world view in a dosed-up Cherry Coke. I’m waiting for the totally devastating cover of Tommy Roe’s “Dizzy.” It’ll be great.
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