Caustic Resin – Keep On Truckin – Review

Caustic Resin

Keep On Truckin (Up)
by Craig Regala

Fuck me if I don’t hear the ghost of David Gilmour drifting, floating, and waddling through this disc. Others have said, “Neil, Neil, Neil,” like some ancient stoner rosary – I, however, demure. The guitar tone and the lengthy flow of the blues-rock-tweak speaks of a rocker-kid-bummer-ride. The dope’s almost gone, heat’s out in the pick-up, mom’s pissed about your grades, what-do-you-do-with-your-life-now? all flowing out, over, around and past the grunge thing, surviving and carrying on in sickness and in health into adulthood. As cool as Neil Young may be, Caustic Resin are not folkies, nor are they Utopians – these are the people the film River’s Edge was made about. Sonically and compositionally, this is similar to their last record; good and strong, slow to mid-tempo phased guitar blues-rock with zoned-out vocals and plenty of long-form wazzle to hook the errant stoner rocker. On a mix CD (actually, these guys belong on a couple different themed ones), I put ’em with Arcwelder, Gumball, LiD, Hum, the Flaming Lips and Love Battery, Spiritualized, et. al.
(PO Box 2132 Seattle, WA 98111)