Headbands – Review


by Craig Regala

You know what “post modernism” means? It means after the rejection of standard culture, you’re allowed to pick and choose what you want as “your reality.” Personally, I think it’s fucking horrible. The shallow/intellectual end of accountability and a path to fascist/totalitarian thought-action. But that’s me. Headbands lists and details a cool part of hyper-link reality that’s composes a chunk of ugh-reality; the classicist desire to make sense of random word combos. In this case bands with “head” in their name. There have been mags with such methodology forever, like doing issues based around one letter, the “O” issue, for instance [I think Electric Company use to dedicate episodes to different letters. -Ed]. So maybe this hyper-linkism is just a “post pencil” take on a continual theme. Rave on dude (dudess), it’s hours of fun – like when you could be doing something useful like smashing the state, or fighting oppression and stuff. “You think you’re so clever and classless and free, you’re still fucking peasants as far as I see” – John Lennon.