Horror Garage – issue 7 – Review

Horror Garage

Issue #7 $5.95
by John Bikowski

This week, I had the pleasure of checking out a cutting-edge, moderately-budgeted ‘zine that simply delivers what it promises. Horror Garage is a no-nonsense showcase for some talented writers to kick some ass in short story land. Actress Jennifer Greer graces the cover of issue #7 with her blood-drenched face, and just above her is a banner for “Sex, Death and Rock ‘N’ Roll.” The inside of the mag brings all of the above without the distraction of glossy, multi-color pictorial layouts. Besides having six pieces of fiction, other features include interviews with Joe R. Lansdale, The Cramps, and Turbonegro, as well as book and audio reviews.

One of the things I like most about the succinct stories in Horror Garage is the feeling that the authors know they have to grab your attention quickly and take you to the pinnacle of their tale in no time flat. I was reminded of Stephen King, who has the amazing ability to describe situations with an attention to detail that gets your senses revvin’. For example, in Steve Vernon’s “Jumping Chollo Will Not Die,” just dig this phrasing: “I smell the pink thing’s body, like sweaty gym socks and horse piss and behind it all, that flat pink stink like those slabs of bubblegum you used to get with baseball cards.” Ahhh… I can taste it now. My favorite piece of this issue is “The House Inside” by Norman Partridge. Check out Horror Garage because this story alone is worth the cover price.