Limecell – It’s Gonna Get Ugly – Review


It’s Gonna Get Ugly (TKO)
by Duke Crevanator

I reckon in the the interests of full disclosure, I first must say that the Limecell boys from Hostile City, USA and I are all members of the Confederacy of Scum. Hell, their drummer, Eric Perfect (voted the best tattoo artist in Philly, btw) is my personal inkmaster, no one else is putting a needle in my arm unless I get the death penalty. I also own every single release they’ve done over the last 10 years, and I listen to them often.

One thing that suprised me is that, for once, a press release did not exaggerate. This IS Limecell’s best release to date. They put a lot of work into every aspect of this record, and it shows. The songwriting is great, as it always is with them. But they clearly spent the time (and money) to get it done right in the studio. It ain’t over-produced by any means (thank goodness), but it’s crisp and clear and no one aspect of the sound overshadows the others.

If you’re not familiar with Limecell, they hail from Philly, have been banned from every club in said city except for one because of their wild shows (and, from what I hear, that one club is hanging by a thread) and all drink even myself under the table. Since they’re members of the COS, if you’re looking for some comparisons, look to fellow COS members Antiseen, Cocknoose, Hellstomper, and the Tunnel Rats for guidance. Limecell, however, definitely has their own twist. They have more of a hardcore edge than the aforementioned bands, especially lyrically, and the speed they play at. I hestitate to compare them to NYC hardcore, because frankly, their Philly hardcore is way more bad-ass than that sissy NYC shit, but it’s something like that, just better.

If you like hard, fast, loud songs about being drunk, being unemployed, pro-wrestling, and general mayhem, you’ll love this shit.
(3126 W. Cary St. #303 Richmond, VA 23221)