Die Hunns- Long Legs – Review

December 1, 2004

15 songs (10 originals and five covers) running the gamut from hardcore to punk to quasi-surf to flat out ROCK. And it clocks in at about 40 minutes.

Punch Drunk V – Review

September 20, 2004

In previous incarnations of this series, there’ve been a few stinkers that snuck past security, but Volume V is a pure winner.

Speedealer – Burned Alive – Review

July 12, 2004

Recording quality is great, the impression of an intimate setting is certainly there, but with the full rock’n’roll presence any Speedealer fan would expect.

Subhumans – Live In A Dive – Review

June 21, 2004

UK Subhumans (now mostly members of Citizen Fish) have reformed on occasion to play live. The recording is pretty decent, and covers the range of their career.

Zeke – Zeke You! – Review

May 23, 2004

It’s pretty entertaining and covers a ton of live shows between 1996 and 2001. All the shows (except for a bonus feature) were recorded on home video recorders.

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