Quick Fix – The Push – Review

Quick Fix

The Push (Lonesome)
by Scott Hefflon

After a faltering/forgetable two-minute acoustic intro to “21st Century Boy,” Quick Fix launch into the blazing rock that’s made them one of Boston’s most prominent bands. Three records deep (their first for Lonesome, rapidly becoming home to a number of good local bands), Quick Fix (or Quickfix, depending on where you see it written) distinguish themselves by blending Britpop (Supergrass comes to mind) and good ol’ American pounding rock (early Smashing Pumpkins) with richly-textured “space rock” (Spacehog, kinda open-mouthed belt-it-out over, I dunno, Ziggy Stardust-style glam rock?) in a way that doesn’t suck.

Being Boston darlings means about as much to me as who Justin Timberlake is dating, but for once, “the scene” is right, Quick Fix have what it takes. While they beat a few choruses into the ground, and the “snotty vocals” are often pretty exaggerated, there are enough melodic gooses here to make the familiar seem fresh. And the lush production, courtesy of Q Division, compliments the layers of jangle’n’roar guitarwork and rich choruses. “Sick” and “Last Chance for Action” get the blood flowing, while “Love is like Ephedrine” has a great title and will appeal to early Radiohead fans. A few snoozers too, but there’s enough here to sink your teeth into, and enough for some major label A&R shithead to see dollar signs.
(PO Box 15297 Boston, MA 02215)