Blood Has Been Shed – Spirals – Review

Blood Has Been Shed

Spirals (Ferret)
by Adrian Bromley

Miles above their debut offering, Blood Has Been Shed turn it up to “11” with Spirals, a dynamically heavy album that rocks with a deafening blow to the head. Got to give credit to stellar production this time around – something that enhances creative juices enormously – and to singer Howard Jones who screams like there’s no tomorrow (“Age of Apocalypse” and “Beginner’s Luck”). Tack on a killer, enthusiastic band and you’ve got an album that works on many levels. Plus, unlike a lot of the hardcore/noisecore bands who stick to one mold, BHBS tries a few new tricks to bring out more atmosphere and attitude. Works for me.
(167 Wayne St #409 Jersey City, NJ 07302)