The Party of Helicopters – Please Believe It – Review

The Party of Helicopters

Please Believe It (Velocette)
by Tim Den

I thought The Party of Helicopters were just another ultra hip electroclash/indie dance band because of the band’s tours with the likes of Ex Models, but I was a dang fool. This here band ain’t no fucking chump change thrift store posse of poseurs, they’ve got Shudder To Think’s dramatic (and smooth and beautiful) vocals, Botch/Minus The Bear’s guitar downpours, The Fucking Champs’ classic rock-filtered-through-Don-Caballero-timings, and stoner rock riffing bombast.

Shit, I’d say if you take Thin Lizzy and have them jam out with Owls and Big Black, you’d be pretty close. And the crazy thing is that it all makes sense! The songs are acrobatic yet catchy, constantly twitching yet memorable. Seriously, these guys FUCKING RULE. Originality, skills, and unpredictability. You’ve got to hear this to believe it. Simply astounding.
(83 Walton St. Atlanta, GA 30303)