Trigger – Distort and Explode – Review


Distort and Explode (Nicotine)
by Scott Hefflon

Punk rock’n’roll like Gaza Strippers, Supersuckers, and New Bomb Turks. Trigger are from Gothenburg, Sweden, and have some nice vintage harmonica and organ sounds mixed into the adrenaline-fueled, guitar-howling rock. The vocals sound kinda Payin’ the Dues-era Hellacopters to these ears, but that’s perhaps cuz they’re not too glammy, not to sugary, not too metal grunt, just kinda guy-lettin’-loose, not all huge like Cornell or clean like indie rock or pop-punk.

This is Trigger’s second full-length, having done a couple splits with Rickshaw, another solid rock band with good tunes you’d be doing yourself a favor to look into. Rickshaw’s latest is on Devil Doll, home to Totimoshi, some Electric Frankenstein CDs, and a few of those Fistful of Rock’n’Roll and Rock’n’Roll Au Go-Go comps, and that’s good company. Trigger has a distinct melodic influence I can’t peg, something British and ’70s r&b-inspired rock, a style that pounds on a piano and is catchy and singable without being at all, ya know, poofy… Smokin’, rippin’, poundin’ rock, but also tuneful without loosing head-bobability. Catch their whole set the next time these guys open for a name-brand band you wouldn’t miss for all the whisky in Tennessee.