KMFDM – WWIII – Review


WWIII (Sanctuary)
by Wa

KMFDM return with an assault that’s so good, it makes the ATTAK album sound like it suffers from shock and awe. KMFDM does what they do best: Kick-ass metal with electro beats and synths. This is their first release on their new label, Sanctuary (home to Ministry, Living Colour, and Kiss, among others).

WWIII is for anyone in opposition to the idiocies and Stalinist policies of the Bush administration. The album even includes a hard-hitting song called “Moron” that targets Mr. Bush for special treatment. We haven’t seen a KMFDM album quite like this since 1993’s ANGST or 1997’s SYMBOLS.

On this release, you hardly notice that ex-members Tim Skold (now in Marilyn Manson), En Esch, and Gunter Schulz (the latter two now in their own project, Slick Idiot) are gone. WWIII has received mixed reviews. First and foremost, it’s not an industrial record. They’ve moved further into metal, just like Ministry has over the past decade. In fact, WWIII strikes the same kind of chord that Psalm 69 did back into 1992, both politically and sonically. Accept it for what it is: A metal record about a very important social problem affecting all Americans and citizens of the world today. If you’re an industrial purist, you’ll probably hate the blazing, guitar-heavy flavor of the album. If you love Raymond Watts (PIG), you’ll love WWIII. WWIII is good enough to rank in the top five KMFDM albums ever released. Top tracks include “WWIII,” “Last Things,” “Stars & Stripes,” “Moron,” and “Revenge.”