The Close – It’s A Secret To Everybody – Review

The Close

It’s A Secret To Everybody (Moodswing)
by Tim Den

An amalgamation of indie styles (Elephant 6 pop, The Replacements jangle, The Anniversary keyboards, and good ol’ Georgia/Southern aesthetics) that fails to adequately sum up the result, The Close is as original as you’re gonna get within the guitar driven/melody-based world REM created. Not just cuz they never cop-out by using power chords and major progressions, but because something tugs at your instincts every time guitarist/vocalist Brooks Meeks moans a stealthy hook change. There’s no blatant button-pushing here, just creative uses of the voice and guitar arrangements that offer up one surprise after another. Don’t let the style fool you: Just cuz it’s yet another indie rock band from GA, don’t mean the well’s run dry.