The Havoc – Our Rebellion Has Just Begun – Review

The Havoc

Our Rebellion Has Just Begun (Punk Core)
by Duke Crevanator

So the erstwhile drunk Captain Leech and I were kicking back and drinking some beer. I threw on this CD to get his general opinion. I perused the press release from Punk Core: “The Havoc bring something fresh to their roster with their relentless hooks and dual vocals.” We listened to the first three songs. I had to admit that I agreed. Granted, it’s your very standard ’77-style punk, ala The Unseen, but it’s pretty well-produced (i.e. it sounds like it’s on vinyl, even when it’s on CD) and the songs are exactly as advertised. Any music that’s this fast with unintelligible lyrics generally gets a nod from yours truly.

Anyhow, I’m drinking another beer when suddenly Leech yells out “Jesus Freak alert! Jesus Freak alert!” I leaned over and snatched the CD insert from his horrified hands, and sure enough, it was true. There it was, in black background and red text: “Even when we found God, you never trusted us.” Really, and that’s the just the tip of the iceberg. Of course, as most dumbass Jesus Freaks do, they totally contradict their own religion. Let me quote from another song: “Just try testing me, that’s all it will take. Before you find yourself down on the floor. And you won’t be getting up that’s for sure.” Um… guys? Before you recorded that song, didn’t you ask yourselves “What Would Jesus Do?” He certainly wouldn’t do that, you silly boys!

In the end, it’s still pretty good old-style punk rock, since you can’t understand what they’re saying anyway. I enjoyed listening whilst pounding beers. Who knows, maybe Jesus would too (guess what guys, Jesus drank wine, and probably beer too, because they had it in Jerusalem back then, I mean he DID turn water into wine right?).

For all you mohawked street punks who’ve found Jesus, this is a MUST buy!! I know you’re out there, um, somewhere…
(PO Box 916 Middle Island, NY 11953)