Boys Night Out – Make Yourself Sick – Review

Boys Night Out

Make Yourself Sick (Ferret)
by Lauren Bussard

What do you get when you mix the sugary drum machine synth-pop of The All-American Rejects, the sweet bouncy melodies of New Found Glory, and the random piercing screaming of Taking Back Sunday? Boys Night Out’s Make Yourself Sick, which proves to be the best new Canadian export since… well, maybe Canada’s first great export (and that’s saying a whooole lot since I tend to write off any band that includes random screeching in their songs). Anyway, the best song on the album is “Hold on Tightly, Let Go Lightly,” which combines all of their musical facets and influences into a veritable rock anthem of solid pop with dark overtones and layered, harmonious vocals.

The only downside of Boys Night Out is their excessive emphasis on “Make Yourself Sick” as their creed (as in, “live 200% all the time until it kills you,” whatever that means). It strikes me as a little strange, since their reckless ways don’t interest me nearly as much as their music, but if they want to swing naked from the rafters, it’s fine by me.
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