Punk Rock Is Your Friend – Volume 4 – Review

Punk Rock Is Your Friend

Volume 4 (Kung Fu)
by Lauren Bussard

If I have to listen to one more “Punk Rock Sampler” that turns out to be about as punk rock as Christina Aguilera and Backstreet Boys, I swear I will rip out every hair on my head, very slowly. Thus I was extremely excited (and relieved) when I put Kung Fu’s latest 17-song gem in my stereo and was hit with such an adrenaline rush that my heart was pounding from beginning to end and for hours later. Thank god this ain’t no pussy music. Includes unreleased tracks (that are actually awesome, ’cause most unreleased tracks were never released because they really suck) from The God Awfuls, The Vandals, Antifreeze, and an exclusive live track from One Man Army, as well as some totally amazing videos (yes it’s an interactive CD!) from Ozma, Tsunami Bomb, The Ataris, and Alkaline Trio. Also some oldies and goodies from Audio Karate, Useless I.D., and Mi6.
(PO Box 38009 Hollywood, CA 90038)